Ly Tran Quynh Giang

Awakening from an afternoon nap always comes with this feeling – it’s like a membranous layer, shapeless, colorless, but tangible – an emptiness not significant enough to inspire a feeling of being orphaned.

I like painting.  I really love painting.  But what is it about the afternoon?

Is life in motion or is it really motionless?

Who knows how long it will take to answer these kinds of questions.


- Lý Trần Quỳnh Giang: Buổi chiều thức dậy, Hà Nội: Nhà xuất bản, 2004.



She is an artist whose representations of human and animal figures exude a range of emotions and sensations: sadness, melancholy, ennui, uncertainty, intimacy, intensity, and eroticism. The sensations that impact the viewer upon perception of these artworks are powerful and difficult to name, because “sadness” seems insufficient in encompassing the range of feelings that her paintings invoke.