Nguyen Trung

 Nguyen Trung (b.1940) is sometimes referred to as the Father ofVietnamese abstract art, a founding member of Young Artists Association, a vanguard art group in Saigon established in 1966 and remained active until the momentous political transformations in 1975. He is the most respected and senior artist of Vietnam, turning abstract art into historical importance. His life has gone through the ups and downs of his homeland’s sufferings. He witnesses the changes and developments of the country though he still stays true to his identity and preserved in shaping his unique form of abstraction and influenced an entire generation of Vietnamese artists in the process. His works now can be seen in many private and public collections such as Vietnam National Fine Art Museum (Vietnam), Hochiminh Fine Art  Museum (Vietnam), Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), Museo Biblioteca Archivio (Italy), United Overseas Bank (Singapore), etc.

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